Sunset Elementary School



Sunset GATE Program

The GATE program in Livermore does not receive funding from the state or district. The lack of state funding for dedicated staff precludes us from any GATE-specific activities during school hours. Our program at Sunset is sponsored by the school district, but led by parent volunteers.  We organize activities of interest to the GATE-identified students and families, outside of school hours, and work with other Livermore school sites to host district-wide evening events. 

For more information about the GATE program, please contact the Sunset GATE coordinator,


Elizabeth Piscotty




GATE Qualification Testing  

Starting with the 2015-16 school year, all students will be evaluated in 3rd grade, during school hours. More information will be available from your teacher as the date approaches. 

A testing opportunity will be offered each year for students in 4th grade and above if they were not previously tested, or if they wish to retake the test. This test will take place on a Saturday at the district office. 

GATE testing for 4th-12th graders will take place on January 9th, 2015 at the District Office. Nominations forms are due by December 4th. Nominations can be submitted by parents or teachers.  Forms can be obtained from the district website. For more information, please contact your teacher or the Sunset GATE Coordinator. Elizabeth Piscotty.