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Pest Spray Sale

In the garden we do our best to use nontoxic materials that are safe for even the students to use. With that in mind, we still get the normal garden pests like everyone does! So we turned to a natural remedy of water, natural soap and essential oils to keep the pests at bay! We use Fels Naptha soap and doTerra Arborvitae, Cederwood, Eycalyptus and Pepperment oils to keep away pests like aphids, earwigs (pincher), slugs, snails and even rodents (opossum, raccoon and squirrels)! For $15 you get your very own bottle to fight off pests in your garden! If you purchased your bottle at back to school night we can REFILL your bottle for $8. So hold onto them! Please email for more info. Thank you for your support!


Rainy Day Fun

What to do with TK’s on a day too rainy for the garden?  Plant a rainbow!!  The seed catalogues your club donated came in very handy!  The kids loved the activity and we will do the same for Kinder and First grade classes this week if the rain continues. 

Hi everyone,

Now that we've had a few good months in the garden, and we see the students, teachers and volunteers all benefiting and enjoying the project, we need to look into funding sources that can help sustain the garden in both the short and long-term.  Although our parents have been so very generous, and the PTO has given us a small start up fund, we do need to look to other sources to keep our garden growing!

We are looking for a volunteer, or several volunteers, to help us develop a list of grant opportunities (application dates/requirements/amounts available etc.).  We have some lists and websites that can be a starting point and can provide direction as needed.

This is a project that can be done from home by anyone who has an internet connection!  Perfect for someone who wants to support the garden, but just can't make it out there during the daytime due to other commitments.

If you are interested please reply.  If you know someone who might be interested but isn't on this list, feel free to forward the email.



Kara and the Sunset Garden Committee


Click here for the updated wishlist for the Sunset Garden!


For questions, or to arrange for drop off of donated items, please contact Kara or Mrs. Deborah Smith

Help Our Garden Grow


The Sunset Garden Project is run entirely by parent volunteers and it is this involvement of parents that will ultimately ensure the long-term success of the garden!

If you have a TK or Kinder child, your family will be at Sunset for 5 or 6 more years – that’s a lot of garden harvests!  

There are ways for everyone to help out….

  • Encourage your child’s teacher to include the garden experience in the class schedule.

  • Volunteer to help with class sessions in the garden.  No experience necessary - your extra hands mean we can split the students into small groups for more hands-on, hands-dirty, learning!

  • Share your gardening knowledge and/or enthusiasm by joining our Garden Committee.  

  • Help with special projects if you are “crafty” or good with tools.  We’d love to make a butterfly bath or mosaic stepping stones, paint the rain barrel, design a weather station, build a worktable/potting bench - the possibilities are endless and we have a Pinterest Board!).

  • Help from home with administrative tasks (scheduling, grant research/writing, publicity, lesson planning etc.)

  • Donate supplies (plants, seeds, tools, gloves, reference books, garden journals, gift cards, cash) – check the Garden Wishlist!  All donations are tax deductible.